A Place for Help and Healing

  I am happy to speak at your school, church, synagogue, or other organization in New York City or in Westchester.  

"Lucinda consistently engages our congregation with her thought-provoking talks on subjects relevant to Yom Kippur.   With an ecumenical spirit, she weds the psychoanalytic and spiritual voices.  Her openness invites lively, searching discussion and our congregants ask for her year after year."      Rabbi,   East Side Synagogue

"Lucinda Antrim was the first speaker for our Caregivers' Wellness Seminar, providing an excellent introduction to the topic.  She has significant professional expertise in the field, and was so well organized and thoughtful in her remarks, which makes her a great teacher; but what I particularly took away from her presentation was her calm and compassionate demeanor.  She left us with a handout of recommended resources, spanning the different sorts of caregivers and their personal and spiritual needs.  I highly recommend her as a group presenter."         Deacon,   Episcopal Diocese of New York

Some sample topics:

  • Preventing Burnout
  • Balancing Work and Family through the Life Cycle
  • Forgiving--Especially When It's Hard
  • Parenting Relationships:  With Yourself, Other Caregivers, and Your Child
  • Is True Transformation Possible?
  • Self-Honesty and Growth
  • How to Talk Back to Depression

Please contact Lucinda Antrim at (914) 473-2981 or by email at lucindaantrim@gmail.com for more information.