A Place for Help and Healing

Lucinda Antrim                            (914) 473-2981                lucindaantrim@gmail.com

Craig Canfield                                (732) 542-4196               ferendo@aol.com

Kirton J. Lashley                          (347)  764-9140              kirtonjlashley@optonline.net

William C. Noble                          (908) 489-7301              wcnoble@aol.com


Come join us by the fireplace!

 351 E. 74th St.
New York, NY  10021

Our classic, old-New York space is less than a 10-minute walk from the Lexington Avenue subway line and steps away from the 15 and 31 up/downtown bus lines.  We are also accessible from the 30, 72, and 79 crosstown routes.

In addition, Lucinda Antrim has an office in Westchester County and Craig Canfield and William Noble an office in New Jersey.

Please contact one of the individual therapists (above) to schedule an appointment.