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A Place for Help and Healing

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Welcome to my website!  Please take a look around and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.  I'm happy to talk with you, and can be reached at 914-473-2981 or at lucindaantrim@gmail.com. 


Talking helps!  Sometimes just making the call gets the healing process started.  And it's never too late.  We can get in the habit of believing the voices in our head that say, "You'll never change," "I can handle this, it's not so bad," or even "I'm no good, what's the point?"  In therapy, you learn to challenge those voices and understand, in part, where they come from, leaving room for your true self to grow and thrive.  


Your challenges are fertile ground for growth.  I listen and work to understand, grounded in a deep respect for your individual history and your unfolding path forward.  Growth is around the corner -- sometimes literally.  My office in Manhattan is minutes from Grand Central Station, from several subway lines and many office buildings.  In Westchester I am less than 10 minutes from a major highway.   You are just steps away from a healthier, more balanced life, and from growth that can create ever widening ripples of positive change.



Spiritually-Grounded Therapy in New York City and Westchester County

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Spiritually-Grounded Psychotherapy in New York City and Westchester County